Case Studies

Ben – Landscaper based in Geelong

Ben started his business during COVID in general maintenance and landscaping. Over time Ben started specialising in landscape construction and while Ben was winning plenty of work (booked out for more than a year!), he was working 60 hour weeks, buried in admin work and wasn’t earning what he knew he could.

We worked with Ben and

    • Helped him define his target market
    • Created improved systems and processes to streamline admin tasks
    • Improved the way work was quoted to improve margins
    • Worked with his supply chain to gain better commercial terms.

    Ben now earns more, works less and has a clear strategy of where the business is targeted.

Steph – Gym in Melbourne

Steph had been running her gym for 3 years, was working mornings and nights most days and was starting to burn out.

While she was busy, the business was making less than $100k profit and  Steph didnt know how to scale the business to reach the next level. We worked with Steph and

    • Created new service offerings that significantly increased revenue
    • Created strong sales and marketing plans 
    • Hired new team members with defined responsibilities 

Within 9 months, she had improved the profit by 40% and had regained work life balance.

Kate – Restaurant in Melbourne

Kate had been running her restaurant for 6 years and was frustrated that she was not earning the income she wanted to. She had a number of ideas on how to improve the business but was not sure where to start.

We worked with Kate to 


      • Create a clear business strategy to grow the business and capitalise on busy periods
      • Developed a marketing plan to gain greater exposure and foot traffic
      • Identified cost saving opportunities which were implemented within 3 months
The business has had its best year yet and there are plans to open a new restaurant in a nearby suburb.

Georgia – Creative Digital Web Agency in Sydney

Georgia had a booming web agency – $2M+ in revenue, 12 staff and had achieve some fantastic client outcomes. 

The goal for Georgia was to create a 3 year Strategy for the business and also implement more systems to enable the business to become less dependant on her. 

Over 9 months, we supported

    • Creation of a 3 year strategy including vision, mission and values of the business
    • Redefined the roles of the business – including the implementation of a General Manager
    • Supported in creating more efficient processes to drive profitability. 

Georgia now focuses implementing the strategic priorities while letting her team manage the day to day work. 

Mitch – Plumber in Queensland

Mitch had a strong plumbing business – employing 4 team members that had grown steadily over the past 8 years. His profit had plateaued but he was working harder than he had every worked – on the tools during the day and on the laptop every night completing quotes and invoices. 

We worked with Mitch to

    • Streamline operations & create people development plans – allowing him to get off the tools 2 days a week
    • Review and improve cost management – finding easy ways to save money
    • Created strong sales and marketing plans – to ensure he was winning the best work

Mitch transformed his work life balance and has seen profits grow 54% in the last 12 months.